Board of Directors

Updated Thursday January 3, 2019 by MLRC.

The Mountain Lakes Rowing Club is governed by a Board of Directors. 

Board of Directors

President: Ken Beckerman

Vice President, director of logistics: Donna Marki

Treasurer: Kurt Orlofski

Director of public relations and outreach:  Dawn Aubel

Race Day coordinator:  Barbara Infante

Bookkeeper: Fred Sporer

Director of construction: Eric Mund

Mission & vision realization, succession planning: Ted Chan, Michael Nusbaum, Jennifer Kilroy

Creative Director, Team nutrition/nourishment: Krista Ruehle

Team Publisher: Michael Fabiano

Advisor to the Board: Nicole Bennett

Director of Facilities: Stephen Spallone

Parent/Coach Liason, PR / Marketing and Outreach Advisor: Josh McKay

Secretary: Leigh Hermey